DJ KoT - Distant Worlds

REL.Number CTS154113
REL.Date 1 September 2011
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DJ KoT - Distant Worlds
DJ KoT - Private Intelligence
DJ KoT - Deadly Shadows
DJ KoT - Tokyo Nights
DJ KoT - Rainy Day
DJ KoT - So Many Years
DJ KoT - Protoplasm
DJ KoT - Dead End
DJ KoT - Alea Jacta Est
DJ KoT - Nebulist (Dub Version)
DJ KoT - City Of Tomorrow (Live)
DJ KoT - The Treachery
DJ KoT feat. Deep Technique - White Light
DJ KoT - Distant Worlds
DJ KoT - Gathering Gems
After THE BEST TRACK IN URAINE 2010 contest, where DJ KoT got the first prize in Chill-Out genre, he creates the album of fourteen tracks based on traditions of Dub, Trip-Hop, Downtempo and also traditions of Liquid & Atmospheric Drum’n’Base streams. Meaningful work transmits the power of influence as western culture, as well as authentic Eastern and American culture. Author skillfully built textured complex, rhythms and join saturated dark atmospheres, added own touches to traditional palette. In some works should be noted influence of electronic cinema music which adds imagery and expression the total conception of the album. Clearly pronounced general line of each track continues the theme of previous that allows you to integral perception of the album. The variety in toolset, especially selected is the central part draws attention and makes this original release with the own character of this author’s sound even more outstanding and distinctive.