CTSmashers part 6

REL.Number CTS248133
REL.Date 24 December 2013
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CTSmashers part 6
Aquabeat - The Hangover (Sadder Remix)
Heal - Sister (Deepstereo Remix)
Heal - Virginity
Ikiro - Midnight Traffic (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Stereoland (Carl Bee Remix)
Sergio Mega - Vagator (Kain Remix)
Terry Raze - Solid Ground (Original Mix)
Yan Oxygen - All the Heroes Are Dead (Original mix)
Yan Oxygen - Kharkov (Klaster Remix)
Yuri Petrovski - Autumn (Original Mix)
CTS Records presents most wanted tracks of the year in CTSmashers compilation... Big boom! Enjoy...