CTSmashers Part 7

REL.Number CTS281143

REL.Date 26 December 2014

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CTSmashers Part 7


Dog Off - Robotics (Amarilyo Remix)

Kirunchell - Midnight Samurai (Original Mix)

Tough Stuff - Trans Me (Moe Turk Remix)

Komplektov - Fickle Temper (Original Mix)

Simon Spencer - A La Plage (Original Mix)

Digitalmusikanten - Tripping (Rousing Remix)

Sergio Mega - One Eight (Adeseyo Remix)

Maxim Play - Spring Snow (Original Mix)

Heal - Sister (Deepstereo Remix)

INME - Baby Now (Original Mix)

Terry Raze - Suflet (Original Mix)

Yuriy Berliny - Cosmopolis (Original Mix)

Sergio Mega - Deeper Dnieper (Original Mix)

Yuri Petrovski - Pretty Lights (Original Mix)

Monovakzin - Monothalamus (Original Mix)

In 2014 CTS celebrates 10 years anniversary. In honor of this event two compilations are coming out. CTSmashers 7 is dedicated to house sound. Groovy and atmospheric, with shades of deep and elements of nu disco that is so characteristic for CTS recently...