Seventeenth Unvrse - Me & I Corrupted EP

REL.Number CTS292153

REL.Date 30 March 2015

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Seventeenth Unvrse - Me & I Corrupted EP


Seventeenth Unvrse - Dirty Love (Original Mix)
Seventeenth Unvrse - Me & I Corrupted (Original Mix)

After Avicii contest winning and the winning of two nominations in the Best track in Ukraine contest, Kiss FM choice and the Main Prize, Haxxy didn‘t sit on one‘s hands. Productive author of a new formation, shows one more his side and opens for electronic music lovers his another alter ego Seventeenth Unvrse. First EP of the project will coming out on CTS Records in March. Dedicated to underground deep house, deep techno and tech-house, sound of the Seventeenth Unvrse is very musical and harmonic as it is characteristic to Ukrainian prodcer. Open minded sound find a new horizon for the new wave authors creative work.. Dark and full of unexpected turns with revenant vocal inclusions both tracks of the EP reflects an authors position for his new alter ego. Haxxy says: "Project Seventeenth Unvrse - is the fruit (result) of my oscillation between melody and rigor in the tracks, directed to work towards melodic techno music" EP is opens with hypnotic intro of the "Dirty Love" with analog lead and soft bassline triplet vibes. "Me & I Corrupted" is bit more tight, accent there is moved more to the rhythm, but still transparent, emotional and atmospheric… welcome to the next level… stay tuned...