Sergio Mega - Back 2 The Future

REL.Number CTS359193

REL.Date 26 June 2019

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Sergio Mega - Back 2 The Future


Sergio Mega - Back 2 The Future (Original Mix)

Sergio Mega - Back 2 The Future (Monovakzin Remix)

Back 2 The Future by Sergio Mega - headline track of the artist album is coming out on CTS. Modern disco sound of the track built on analog synth parts is spiced with sequenced bassline and expressive tom drumfills. Optimistic mood of the tune reinforced with music video. Derisive and sometime absurdistic stile of the video where 3D graphics neighbouring with 8 bit animation allows to show ironic view to some important issues and modern accents of new cosmic era.
Remix by Monovakzin is coming with original mix. Groovy bit dirty vibes and dreamy disco timbres polette of the remix are fills up and completes the EP.