Refinders - Day #1 (the Album)

REL.Number CTS368233

REL.Date 17 February 2023

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Refinders - Day #1 (the Album)


Refinders - Dreaming
Refinders - Hope
Refinders - Rolling
Refinders - Power Over Me
Refinders - Your Secrets
Refinders - Day #1
Refinders - Sad Baby
Refinders - Skyfall

And again we are welcome Refinders band on CTS Records. After powerful Dreaming remixes release with support of such industry key players as Paul Oakenfold and Woody Van Eyden, Refinders are coming out on CTS Records with «Day#1», the album which was produced in the beginning of 20th when Russia invaded Ukraine, gets its rebirth in 2023 on CTS.

Kyiv based Ukrainian electronic band sounds between synth-pop and electro. To produce the «Day#1» album Refinders band frontman Vlad Veleev being the author of lyrics and music joined his forces with well known Ukrainian sound producer Anton Karskiy (Melovin, Kler). The «Day#1» record sound design is a tasty live combination of acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as unic vocals manner and topical non-trivial song lyrics. Being a big fan of analog synthesizers frontman of Refinders band Vlad Veleev shows high skills using legendary Moog and Dave Smith synthesizers in album tracks studio recordings as well as on his live shows. Vlad says: «You can`t hear the pain of war in this album, but rather how we felt and what we cared about before the invasion. The album is about love and passion, the internal and eternal human fight against own demons. At the same time it is also is about freedom and the place of a little man on the Earth as well». The «Day#1» is the second full-length album of the band includes both funky tracks like «Power over me» and more anxious and dark thriller pieces like “Your secrets”. Another single from the disc, which is worth paying attention to, is Rolling, complemented by a music video with an exciting story about a parallel reality. The first song of the album «Dreaming» is resonating a lot with what Ukrainians feel now. It says «When days are dark and we hardly can feel or see, trying to save the brave hearts we used to be..This is not a day when we will give up on dreaming, keep on dreaming»

Alongside with Vlad Veleev frontman of the Refinders among band members are academic vocalist and musician Anastasiia Kudryavchenko on backing vocals and keyboards making band’s live performance special and Kostyantyn Nikitin busy on the drums utilizing a combination of drum triggers and live instruments.

Refinders crew at the moment in their Kyiv studio continue to work hard on new productions which will become a part of brand new album of the band. It will be third long play album of Refinders which is announced to release in 2023. Follow us and keep connected for fresh news of Refinders and CTS Records updates.