struCTS vol.3

REL.Number CTS149113

REL.Date 14 July 2011

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struCTS vol.3


Sergio Mega - To Catch The Last Train (Yan Oxygen Remix)
Aquabeat - Whisky (Louie Cut Remix)
Dauphin - Toys Trombone (Original Mix)
Aquabeat - Inception (Original Mix)
Klaster - Way To West (Original Mix)
Aquabeat & Yan Oxygen - Earth 2160 (Original Mix)
El Mariachi - Funky Riff (Original Mix)
Aquabeat & Vein Litterback - Rum & Sambuca (Original Mix)
Stanislav Kaligula - Spin The Records (Happy Funky Original Mix)
Alexander Fog - Disco Ball (Maxitronica Remix)
Fallhead - Picasso (Original Mix)
As usual most wanted tracks only are on board. Next struCTS compilation is mostly about different colors of pick time sounds. Tech-House tunes "Picasso" by Fallhead from Germany, "Toys Trombone" by British duo Dauphin, "Spin the Records" vocal Tech-House track by Stanislav Kaligula and Italian beats, tight Maxitronica remix of "Disco Ball" by Alexander Fog. "Funky Rif" - hot, original track by "The Best Track in Ukraine" contest winner in House genre El Mariachi. Another side of the EP is dedicated to Techno vibes Aquabeat project is present with three collaborations: "Rum & Sambooca" made with Vein Litterback, and "Earth 2160" by Aquabeat & Yan Oxygen, and Minimal influenced remix for Ukrainian duo work "Whisky" by Louie Cut from Portugal. One else tune from Aquabeat - "Inception" in original version, also Yan Oxygen’s remix of Sergio Mega’s "To Catch the Last Train" and dark tune "Long Way" by Klaster… Enjoy…