Marfel - El Verano EP

REL.Number CTS194123
REL.Date 8 June 2012
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Marfel - El Verano EP

Marfel - En La Playa (Original Mix)

Marfel - Noche Ibizenca (Original Mix)

Marfel - Una Noche De Verano Al Ritmo De Los Congas (Original Mix)

Three new strong, tight tracks by Italian DJ & producer Marfel. Playing vinyl in Italy and German street festivals, German and British radioostations as well as at well known American Proton Radio, Marfel displayed this experience in his sound production. Mediterranean atmosphere of the EP supplemented with Detroit influents. Iberican moods are coming through the underground techno vibes, all three groovy, textural tunes are filled with varied percussions and deep piercing voices... outdoor sounds!