Favorites vol.4 Miami Edition

REL.Number CTS224133

REL.Date 15 March 2013

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Favorites vol.4 Miami Edition


Riolie - Moor (Original Mix)

Narayana - Let Your Body Move (Original Mix)

Atom - Avogadro (Original Mix)

Ikiro - Midnight Traffic (Original Mix)

Queensway - Path To The Sea (Original Mix)

Raketa4000 - Which One Is For The Soul (Original Mix)

Alex Love - Summer End (Original Mix)

Dmitry Deep - In Da Base (Original Mix)

Amarilyo - Happy Time (Original Mix)

Neopoly Project - Deep Day (Original Mix)

Georgos Dansio - Piece Of Paradise (Original Mix)

Alex Love - Old Ways (Original Mix)

Amarilyo & Peter Und Der Wolf - Porno Twist (Original Mix)

Yuri Petrovski - Autumn (Original Mix)

PoLMaX & Igor Graphite - Qwerty (Original Mix)

Fourth edition of Favorites compilation is dedicated to Winter Music Conference in Miami. Fifteen tracks selected from the Best Track in Ukraine contest tracks finalists. All tunes went through the tight competition... Make your choice!...