CTSmashers Part 8

REL.Number CTS282143

REL.Date 30 December 2014

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CTSmashers Part 8


DJ KoT - Digital Mind Analog Soul (Original Mix)

Neopoly Project - The Dance Of The Dark (Original Mix)

Alexey Kuznetsov - Shaman (Original Mix)

Jaroslaw - Napoli (Original Mix)

Aleksandr Life - Salt Shaker (Dub Mix)

RezQ Sound - Chasm (Original Mix)

Aleksandr Life - Salt Shaker (Original Mix)

Sergio Mega - One Eight (Mamay Remix)

Tim Deetakt - Savhas (Original Mix)

Yan Oxygen - I Can't Contol It (Original Mix)

Yuri Petrovski - Deep Breath (Original Mix)

Being traditional faithful to techno sound, CTS dedicate part 8 of CTSmashers 10 years anniversary compilation to Techno. Dark, deep and trippy mixture of highest rated CTS techno and tech-house tracks of 2014 is selected here.