Sergio Mega - Gogol

REL.Number CTS188123

REL.Date 20 April 2012

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Sergio Mega - Gogol


Sergio Mega - Gogol (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (Klaster Remix)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (Bockscar Remix)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (NinoHengst Extended Mix)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (NinoHengst Remix)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (Roman Sweet Remix)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (Dima Leon4ik Remix)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (Mechanical Wave Remix)
Next Sergio Mega‘s single release is out in April. Groovy tech-house tune with vocal percussion and in addition with an original screem sound which have an extraordiary story. Camera team of One Plus One TV channel has made a night shooting in Carpathian mountains. The sound catched by the microphone impressed and inspired them to make a special program about another worlds and unexplained phenomenas named "Otherworldly Ukraine". Then Sergio was invited as a studio expert to discuss this sound origin. And now Gogol release is presented to your attention! Seven remixes plus original mix are included to the release. Different sides of techno are in EP palette, proggy & tech-house remix by Dima Leon4ik, expressive techo remix with rising intro by The Best Track in Ukraine contest Techno nomination winners - Mechanical Wave duo, techno with minimal adds by Klaster, textural rhythmes by Roman Sweet, techy percussive vibes by Bockscar and deep tech-house & funky remix from german sound-explorer NinoHengst which coming with extended twelve minutes version.. The sound of Carpathian screaming creature is using in this release, with the courtesy agree of the journalist and TV presenter "One Plus One" TV channel Julia Dyachuk...Stay tuned...