Sergio Mega - Ornamental (the Album)

REL.Number CTS260143

REL.Date 21 March 2014

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Sergio Mega - Ornamental (the Album)


Sergio Mega - Opening (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Vagator (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Stereoland (Ornamental Mix)
Sergio Mega - Upper (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Carnaval (Album Version)
Sergio Mega - Gogol (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Kyiv Skies (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Mystic & Wilde (Album Version)
Sergio Mega - Deeper Dnieper (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega feat. Jean Osoa - In Motion (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - Beat On The Drums (Original Mix)
The third album of Sergio Mega "Ornamental" comes out in the spring of 2014. Name of the album consists of two volumetric components, which means Ornament - DNA of the nation and Mentality - the soul of the nation. The release concept is coupled global authentic culture and modern electronic music. The project includes eleven audio pieces; each one is based on musical traditions from around the world, combining their rich texture with rhythmic electronic instruments and synthesizers. Remixes for the album tracks except Ukrainian sound producers already made by the artists from the United States, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Malta, Italy, the Netherlands and Mexico as well. The main objective of the project show colors Ukrainian musical culture an integral part of the global palette ornament. As a result, the integration of Ukrainian electronic sound into the flow of international contemporary electronic music.