Demophon Muson - Want To Know (Sergio Mega Remix)

REL.Number CTS299153

REL.Date 19 June 2015

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Demophon Muson - Want To Know (Sergio Mega Remix)


Demophon Muson - Want to Know (Sergio Mega Remix)

Following the recent successful premiere of the original version of the video Want To Know, the Demophon Muson band members met with Ukrainian DJ and producer Sergio Mega. As a result, a new project come in sight - the continuation of a video story about finding yourself and answer the main questions. Sergio Mega, known for his work for the dance scene made the remix for Want To Know. The joint work of all participants showed character of the both, guitar passages and the vocals, which fully comply with the original song has supplemented with electronic groove. "Rock and electronics have always been interesting to me no less than the dance music, techno and house. Indie in conjunction with the Deep, in my opinion, very good-looking connection. In addition, I am impressed by the position, as well as philosophical and creative search of Demophon Muson guys, so I took up the project. In my remix I tried to keep hot attitude and expression, pronounced in the original track, and from myself I have added the dance vibrations, rhythms and melancholy that is characteristic for modern Ukrainian electronic sound", - says Sergio Mega.