CTSmashers Part 10

REL.Number CTS331173

REL.Date 1 February 2017

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CTSmashers Part 10


Moon Shot & CJ EDU - HAZE (Original Mix)

Seth&Rise - Listen The End (Original Mix)

Mechanical Wave - Exp (Original Mix)

Yuriy Berliny - Selesta (Original Mix)

Cirkul - Unpleasant Surprise (Original Mix)

De`mystique - BassFriction (Original Mix)

Lime K - 24th Floor (Original Mix)

Brain Control - I'm At Home (Original Mix)

Miguel Rodriguez - Rollerblast (Original Mix)

Daniel X - Code Red (Original Mix)

Daniel X - Sonar (Original Mix)

Seth&Rise - Therapy (Original Mix)

CTSmashers Part 10 is dedicated to Techno. Twelve selected tunes with shades of Tech-House, Deep, Melodic Techno and main room sound as well... Enjoy... 

Tracks on this compilation are supported and reviewed by: Seb Fontaine (Global Underground, Virgin, Thrive, United Kingdom), DJ Fresh (Brooklyn DJ Factory, Niketalk Magazine, United States), Jayson Holden (Non-Descript Records, Australia), DJMGee (Alando Palais, Germany), DJ DiRRty HaRRi (Derek Harri / Sonic Music Prod, 2 Tone Music / Tony & Adam's, Thunder Bay, Canada), Soundfausto (Argentina), Dj-fifi (Belgium), PK Live (Zeitgeist (Curitiba), Garage Club, Festival Synergy, Brazil), Joe C (Mixmag, Ground Level Records, United States), DJ Richard Lewis (Metro-Stereo,United Kingdom), DJ Navarro (LAD Publishing & Records, New Zealand), and many more...

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