Onien - Back Up EP

REL.Number CTS349183

REL.Date 15 June 2018

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Onien - Back Up EP


Onien - At Her Majesty's Service (Original Mix)
Onien - Back Up (Original Mix)
We'd like to welcome Onien with Back UP EP on CTS! Serbian techno artist deliver strong tight and in a same time melodic groove with two brand new tracks. At Her Majesty's Service is dark and melodic made with underground progressive influences. The title track Back Up is more focused on drums and bass parts it more pulsatile but still melodic as an artist's sign sound.

Supported by: Marco Carola (Music On, Italy), Steve 'Butch' Jones (Something Global, UK), Suzy Solar (Neurodisc/Capitol Records, Magic Island Records, Universal Nation, Supercomps, USA), Three CP (DataTech, Lenjam Records, Big Mamas House, Switzerland), DJ Angola (Deckstatic, No 8, Space Ibiza NYC, USA), Matt Rowan (Baroque, Hope, Proton, Australia), Frisco (Yellow House, Spain), Robbie Jay (Plasticity Records, Romania), DJ Fresh (Brooklyn DJ Factory, Niketalk Magazine, USA), DJ Bhryant (Global Vibes MixShow, USA), Kris Von (Ausara Recordings, Bulgaria), Linda Leigh (Technotica, Burst Radio Detroit and EJR Radio Amsterdam, USA), Norbert Meszes (Karmaloft, Phunk Traxx, Hungary), Sergio Matina (Alchemist Of Sound, Tendenzia Records, Italy), HatStandy (Ghost Fat Productions, AlexMos, Morality Records, UK), Joseph Christopher (Dakota West Recordings, 4Beat Records, USA) and many more... Read Reviews