Sergio Mega - City Breathing EP

REL.Number CTS348183

REL.Date 29 May 2018

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Sergio Mega - City Breathing EP


Sergio Mega - Alone On The Clouds (Intro) (Original Mix)
Sergio Mega - City Breathing (Original Mix)

With “City Breathing” EP we start releasing brand new album of Sergio Mega “Back 2 The Future”. Ambient preamble “Alone On The Clouds” conveys a feeling of calm andserenity as well as a loneliness sensation in a boundless expanse. “City Breathing” is a unique combination of techno, disco, acid and ambient. The track video is stylized as a short documentary and has a social orientation. It is focused on a city soul searching, urbanization of life and also on reasoning over a certain revaluation of values, that so far the existence of a modern human being requires. Enjoy the first part of this multimedia puzzle!