4yklive - Amusia (the album part 1)

REL.Number CTS369233

REL.Date 17 March 2023

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4yklive - Amusia (the album part 1)


4yklive - Brahman x Atman
4yklive - Mutagen
4yklive - How I Spent My Summer
4yklive - Nail Rain
4yklive - Melanin
4yklive - Noiz Hit
4yklive - Amusia
4yklive - DEAF GBC
4yklive - Night In The Forest
4yklive - Autizm

CTS Records presents brand new long play artist album of 4yklive. Ukrainian electronic music producer being also promoter and vocalist with his team arranged own solo shows since 2013. Nominated as a best chill out artist of Ukraine in 2015. Same year he released his first artist album One Man Band on CTS. Music of 4yklive now is increasingly used in theater production soundtracks as well as on chill-out dancefloors. Another part of 4yklive creative activity is his visual arts, motion graphic practice and his successful exhibitions which are holding on in Germany since 2016 and now. For this LP 4yklive prepared special visuals fully made by himself for each track demonstrating the inseparable bond of music and video arts in one album. Videos will come out on our YouTube channel one by one. With Amusia album we announce the second part of this double release - Invisible Landscapes, stay tuned!