Detcom - The Invasion

REL.Number CTS371233

REL.Date 4 April 2023

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Detcom - The Invasion


Detcom - The Invasion

 We would love to announce brand new track The Invasion release of well known Ukrainian techno DJ and producer Detcom. Prominent figure of Ukrainian techno scene released on world important techno flagman Planet Rhythm, Detcom is also co-host of Boiler Room project in Kyiv. With this release artist delivers strong and deep production with hypnotic drive in techno aesthetics. 
 From the early beginning of russian aggression of Ukraine Detcom went to fight with enemy on battlefield and at the moment he continue his serving in the Army of Ukraine. Being also a social activist Detcom stay strong on his ideals and continue to defend sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine right now. The track name speaks for itself, Detcom musically shows Ukrainian resistance to aggressors, in the tense rhythms of the track it is extremely clear that the occupiers should not expect anything good on Ukrainian land. Glory to Ukraine!