Dariya Letto - The Will To Win

REL.Number CPR001233

REL.Date 5 October 2023

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Dariya Letto - The Will To Win


Dariya Letto - The Will To Win (Original Mix)
Dariya Letto - Morning (Original Mix)
Dariya Letto - Time (Original Mix)
Dariya Letto - Travel (Original Mix)

CTS Records presents new label dedicated strictly to cinematic music. Orchestral and instrumental, ambient and electronica genres are distinguished by the Cinema Pulse Records music direction, the main thing that unites all these genres is the cinematic images that the authors create in their music.
With it’s first release Cinema Pulse Records would like to announce brand new mini-album by Ukrainian film score composer Dariya Letto. While studying music Dariya took lessons from the famous Ukrainian composer Volodymyr Stetsenko, who helped her to define the direction of music as cinematic and to enhance the emotional expressiveness and drama of her musical images. Being a passionate about the inseparability of music and video Dariya worked on computer games sound design. This passion later naturally led the composer to create music for films and her works were taken to detective series soundtrack. Nowadays composer in her creativity turns to music that combines the electronic sound with traditional orchestral arrangements. Despite of hard circumstances of  war in Ukraine Daria Letto continue her musical search. She is open to finding new soundings and innovations in her work at the same time her music is still continue to be fulfilled with bright cinematic images. Mini-album includes four new works which, complementing each other, create the overall cohesive mood of the album.