Skylined - Unimprovable Things

REL.Number CTS377233

REL.Date 27 September 2023

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Skylined - Unimprovable Things


Skylined - Dignity Electrification
Skylined - Restless
Skylined - Unimprovable Things

Skylined continues to develop his style and hone the details of his sound. In his new EP on CTS, the artist delivered two brand new tracks Dignity Electrification and Unimprovable Things. Both works made in his signature aesthetic of Detroit with house influences. As well as a new full version of Restless - his Detroit-Electro production arrived. Skylined is, as always, twisted synthesizer parts in endless dynamics neatly placed on grooved rhythmic textures sounding at the same time deep and raw. We here on CTS always looking forward to some new musical ideas from this talented artist and lovely share his music with our listeners!